Athletic Therapy is the prevention, immediate care and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. ATHLETIC THERAPY helps to prepare athletes and individuals for safe reintegration into an active lifestyle.


Movement and Musculoskeletal Rehab Experts. The Scope of Practice of a Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT) includes the assessment, prevention, immediate care, and reconditioning of musculoskeletal injuries. Prevention includes musculoskeletal and postural evaluation, equipment selection, fitting and repair, warm-up, conditioning programs, prophylactic or supportive taping, and adapting to the activity environment and facilities. Treatments will involve:

• Static/Dynamic Assessment of Physical Function
• Therapeutic Modalities
• Active Release Technique and Myofascial Release
• Education of Injury Prevention, Stabilization and Strengthening Exercises
• Supportive Taping procedures


The duration of the treatment is usually 60 minutes and the cost is $70. Below is an updated list of all insurance companies who currently cover Athletic Therapy in Alberta:

• Great West Life
• Green Shield Canada
• Industrial-Alliance Pacific
• Liberty Health
• Manulife Financial
• Premiere Life
• Reliable Life
• Standard Life
• Sunlife
• Wawanessa

• Alberta Blue Cross
• Allsport
• Canadian Life Assurance
• CHA Health
• Citadel Assurance
• Clarica
• Co-operators
• Desjardins
• The Economical Insurance Group
• Equitable Life of Canada



Weber Physiotherapy Clinic has been part of the Red Deer community since 2001. Owners April and Keith Weber strive to provide their clients with a unique physio experience unlike none other. Starting a clinic that promotes movement and health was the perfect adventure.



Weber Physiotherapy offers an integrated approach that delivers the highest quality care for the assessment, treatment and prevention of sports and recreational injuries. No matter the level of play or the activity of choice, we deliver coordinated care that addresses the root of the problem.

For more information or questions on our services and treatments or for anything Weber Physiotherapy related please give us a call or connect with us  through our contact page. We’d love to hear from you.