A class devoted to increasing your strength and coordination by using a mixture of kettlebell training with trx, bosu stability, etc. This class is a great way for you to incorporate healthy weight training into your lifestyle. Kettlebells are a low impact form of strength training. Strength training is so important in helping prevent osteoporosis, especially in women. Come try it out!

*This class will be held at the Riverfront Studio location. 5589 47th Street. Main floor, same building as Pure Earth Organics.

Tuesday 9:00 - 9:45 AM Last class will be Oct 15-2019.


This class is geared towards kettlebells who have already done the beginner class/seminar. The class is set up as a workout style class. It’s a great workout in a fun atmosphere. Come join the fun. Please note: having taken the beginner class or seminar is a pre-requisite for this class as it is not suitable for beginners. Contact the clinic if you have any questions.

*This class will be held at the Weber Physio Clinic Studio Location.

Monday 5:00 - 6:00 PM


Are you looking to start using kettlebells as a fitness tool? Learn basic kettlebell fundamentals in this beginner class. This class is geared towards first time kettlebellers only. This runs as a seminar style class that is typically 90 minutes long. You will learn the basic fundamentals during this time. We run this class on a as needed basis- meaning we ask you yo let us know if you are interested and once we have enough interest we schedule a class. 


Are you looking to take the next step and bring home Keith’s Extreme Kettlebell workout? Weber's pounding Extreme Kettlebell workout DVD series will give even the most seasoned athlete fresh legs—and the inspiration to take their game to the next level.