WEBER PHYSIOTHERAPY is a multi-disciplinary physiotherapy and rehab clinic. Our team is made up of highly experienced and fully certified Physiotherapists, Massage therapists, Acupuncturists AND Chiropractors all with special interest in sports related injuries. Our diagnostics are as comprehensive and meticulous and our treatments are cutting edge. We cater to the general population and professional athletes.


Rehabilitation is the process of helping an individual achieve the highest level of function, independence, and quality of life possible. Rehabilitation does not reverse or undo the damage caused by disease or trauma, but rather helps restore the individual to optimal health, functioning, and well-being. Weber Physiotherapy covers many areas in rehabilitation programs.


Often time’s injuries are something that can be prevented. Proper knowledge and prevention skills can assist athletes and their coaches in maintaining and managing injuries during seasons. FMS™ is a tool used in our clinic to help identify muscle weaknesses and provide exercises to help decrease the risk of injuries and increase overall optimal performance for sport. A series of movement tests are performed to help identify any movement deficiency, demonstrate limitations or asymmetries. The test is comprised of 8 fundamental movement patterns which require a balance of mobility and stability.


Playing sports can be a lot of fun until someone gets hurt or has a serious injury. Many sports are becoming more competitive and with that can come aggressiveness. Taking hits, falling on your head or getting a ball thrown at your head can cause a whiplash effect of the brain in the skull causing damage. It is our job as health care professionals to make athletes aware of how to prevent injuries from occurring like concussions or musculoskeletal injuries. This way athletes can feel safe when stepping onto the playing surface. We at Weber Sports Physiotherapy are here to help prevent concussions as well as other injuries from occurring. If sustained by one, we are here to help you recover properly so that you can return to sport/play safely.


Many runners would see a large benefit from Gait Analysis, especially during training. Our services allow us to analyse and assess gait in order to prevent injuries, or identify why an injury has occurred, and of course to optimize performance. Weber Physiotherapy offers a unique approach to Gait Analysis. We offer a four part analysis including a Functional Movement Assessment (FMS), Dynamic Gait analysis, Musculoskeletal Assessment, and a Footmax Metascan. This battery of tests allows for us to evaluate all facets of potential deficits seen in running mechanics. That way we can provide education on proper strengthening and stretching as well referrals to physiotherapy or athletic therapy if needed.


If you are an injured athlete and need to be assessed and taped for an injury, we can help you! Weber’s therapists will make sure that you are safely taped before going into a competition/practice. If you have any home games within Red Deer or need a tape job for an away game, our therapists are here to help support your injury.



Weber Physiotherapy Clinic has been part of the Red Deer community since 2001. Owners April and Keith Weber strive to provide their clients with a unique physio experience unlike none other. Starting a clinic that promotes movement and health was the perfect adventure.



Weber Physiotherapy offers an integrated approach that delivers the highest quality care for the assessment, treatment and prevention of sports and recreational injuries. No matter the level of play or the activity of choice, we deliver coordinated care that addresses the root of the problem.

For more information or questions on our services and treatments or for anything Weber Physiotherapy related please give us a call or connect with us  through our contact page. We’d love to hear from you.